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Campofrío opens the new Burgos factory to the first lot of workers

The company has delivered on its promise regarding its new factory, just two years after the fire that devastated the previous facilities

16.11.2016 Madrid

• All the workers who worked at the old factory have, as of today, reactivated their employment contracts and are on the company’s payroll
• There are already 318 workers providing services at this New Factory
• All the workers have today taken part in a moving internal event
• At this event, a documentary was premièred about what happened after the 2014 fire, with the workers as protagonists
Campofrío has fulfilled its commitment to its new factory and staff, just two years after the fire that devastated the previous installation, there are already 318 workers providing their services. In addition, as part of the commitment taken on by Campofrío, all workers from the old factory have seen their work contracts reactivated since November 16, 2016, thus ending the Temporary Redundancy Plan, which, due to force majeure was started by the company to preserve the jobs created directly at its factory in Burgos.
With the rehiring of workers having already taken place, the new factory, currently undergoing tests, will resume its activity, becoming one of the economic motors of the region. 
The new plant has been designed, built and put into operation in record time for an installation of these features. In the areas that are already operational, the first industrial tests have been started.
An emotional tribute in the form of a film
To commemorate this day, and to thank the commitment and loyalty of its employees during all this time, Campofrío organized a moving internal event, where a documentary was premièred about the history of the company after the fire. This morning, the Forum Auditorium of Burgos played host to all the workers that had their employment contracts reactivated, as well as to those who were already working at the New Factory, in order to show them in an exclusive film, via the testimony of its true protagonists, what they had lived through during this process. An act that shows Campofrío's desire to enthusiastically transmit to all its employees a new resurgent future for the company.
This documentary, which will form part of Campofrío and the city of Bugos’ history, collects unpublished images and real stories from all the protagonists. Thus, it creates a kind of film that excites emotions and involves everyone who went through this episode in the company’s history. True to its innovative DNA, Campofrío opted for a new format of communication. This, through the language of the documentary genre, communicates in a direct and honest way just how the crisis was resolved after the demolition of the factory because of the 2014 fire. 
For now, only workers have been able to attend the exclusive screening of the première of the film.