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As a company, we seek to bring not only enjoyment and taste, but also health and well-being through our products, as we believe that variety, balance and nutrition are inseparable from taste and pleasure.

As a result of changing lifestyles and of an increasing awareness of what contributes to physical and mental well-being, an ever-growing number of consumers place particular importance on the health and nutritional benefits of their food. In the last few years, the emerging health trends include the return to natural values with a preference for products containing less or no preservatives, that have less fat and salt, or that are of organic origin.
Within the health arena, two consumer megatrends are rising in the European market: the Natural Trend and the Light Trend. Campofrio Food Group puts great emphasis on new product development along this health axis, as illustrated by the expansion of our range of low fat and low salt products, organic and natural products and healthy convenient standout snacks for children.