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Tour de France 2012

Cochonou in the 2012 Tour de France


The Tour de France, which began the last day of June, is always one of the most anticipated sporting events of the year, and this year it once again bore witness to Cochonou in its press caravan. The company was more than eager to begin driving the route of the bicycle race, which was by no means its first, since Cochonou has been a sponsor of the Tour de France for ten years, with one of the Tour’s favorite caravans.
During the Tour, the Cochonou team traveled the 3,496.9 kilometers, distributing their famous dried sausage wherever there were hungry onlookers. In late May the team traveled to the village Cochonou, the birthplace of their famous dried sausage, to learn about the story of the company’s founding.
As the start date drew nearer, the drivers of the red and white gingham 2CVs were ever-anxious to begin their own race around France – a race to reach out to as many people as they can, promoting their delicious product all the while. Cochonou was one of thirty-three teams in the publicity caravan.