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"Amodio", Campofrío’s Christmas campaign that measures the feelings of the Spanish public

The aim of the brand’s new advert is to reflect the ability of Spaniards to love and hate everything that matters to them depending on their mood or circumstances

18.12.2017 Madrid

  • Various celebrities have collaborated with the advert, directed by Isabel Coixet, including Carmen Maura, Joan Manuel Serrat, Baltasar Garzón, Candela Peña, Irene Villa, Ona Carbonell, Risto, David Broncano, the YouTuber Estíbaliz Quesada (Soy Una Pringada), Montserrat Domínguez, Rafael Santandreu and Dani Mateo. 
  • The company has adapted one of the popular songs to have impacted the collective consciousness of the Spanish public to accompany the campaign, acting as a tribute to the late Rocío Jurado, one of the greatest Spanish singers of all times. The song “Como yo te Amo” (The Way I Love You) is now “Como yo te amodio”, (The way I love/hate you). 
  • The campaign will be accompanied by the website amodio.org, which will provide a real-time analysis of public opinion regarding different current issues
Campofrío launched its new Christmas advert today under the title of ‘Amodio’. As part of the spirit of the brand, ‘Don't let anything or anyone stop us enjoying life the way we do’, the company’s new end-of-the-year campaign has been designed to reflect the values that best define the Spanish public and those that are most present in the reality of the moment, with the aim of generating a conversation or debate around it. With a positive tone, the campaign encourages respectful coexistence and viewing the future and the present with optimism, highlighting values such as tolerance, happiness, respect, solidarity, etc.
The word ‘Amodio’ reflects the ability of the Spanish people to love and hate everything that matters to them depending on how they feel at any given time. Because we can love and hate the same thing depending on the circumstances or the moment, or simply the mood we are in.
The company therefore decided to use Spanish talent and disciplines that are so intrinsic to the culture of the country, such as football, film, journalism, music and many other topical issues. The advert, created by the agency McCann – the author of Campofrío’s Christmas campaigns since 2011-, shows how Spaniards are emotional hyperboles. 
In the words of Javier Portillo, Marketing Director of Campofrío España: “Ever campaign is a new challenge to keep developing our philosophy “Don't let anything or anyone stop us enjoying life the way we do’. The Spanish public have been inspiring our initiatives for many years now and we wanted to reflect all that defines us and our distinguishing values. We provide a cultural and social explanation for what is happening to us at any given time from a different angle, where a sense of humour is a key element. The things that give us most pleasure, are very often also those that annoy us the most and make us suffer”. 
Campofrío wants to be very loyal to who we are as Spaniards, and to what defines us. Accordingly, this campaign more than ever reflects the culture of the Spanish people which, of course, includes the world of film. Accordingly, the filmmaker Isabel Coixet directed the advert and her talent and professionalism have been essential for transmitting the meaning of Amodio through images. “Although this is not the first time we have collaborated, it is always an honour to form part of the Campofrío campaigns. Amodio has been a truly creative challenge. Also, directing one of the most highly awaited adverts of the year and having Carmen Maura as one of the stars, has made this a unique experience”, added the filmmaker.
Various other famous Spanish faces also joined the brand and Isabel Coixet. These include, Carmen Maura, as the nurse treating all the patients suffering from ‘Amodio’, the presenter and publicist Risto Mejide, the famous singer-songwriter Joan Manuel Serrat, the judge Baltasar Garzón, the actress, Candela Peña, the writer Irene Villa, the Olympic medal winner Ona Carbonell, the comedian David Broncano, the YouTuber Estíbaliz Quesada (Soy Una Pringada), the journalist Montserrat Domínguez, the psychologist Rafael Santandreu and the presenter Dani Mateo. The characters in ‘Amodio’ are a reflection of the different points of view and opinions of the Spanish public. They reflect what society thinks, feels and says, which is why such a wide selection of celebrities were invited to take part. 
Furthermore, with the aim of most clearly illustrating the union of love and hate, the brand has chosen an icon of Spanish music as the emblematic soundtrack to the campaign: the song “Como yo te Amo” by the great Rocío Jurado. However, this version is unique, since some of its verses have been changed to mention “love” and “hate” and the word “amodio". 
The company also wanted to pay tribute to the recently deceased Chiquito de la Calzada, one of Spain's favourite comedians. The comedian formed part of the “Campofrío family” and took in the company’s advertising campaigns over the last 7 years. The mayor of Concello de Alfoz, Jorge Val, also wanted to take part in this tribute.

The emotions of the Spanish public
In order to precisely calculate the levels of amodio among the Spanish people, the brand has launched the official website amodio.org, which will measure public opinion regarding 24 current issues.
The website has a real-time Twitter monitoring tool developed specifically for the campaign, which will monitor users’ positive and negative comments concerning various subjects that will be launched every day. People can use the website to vote and leave comments by using the hashtag #amor or #odio that will appear on their social media timeline to intensify the conversation. 
Furthermore amodio.org will show the overall calculation of the amodio of the Spanish public, to reflect how it changes over time. 

To see the campaign, click on the following link: https://youtu.be/6zJ5DSS1m_M