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Campofrío launches Vegalia, a new alternative of products for the flexitarian community

Vegalia has received the V-Label endorsement from the European Vegetarian Union (EVU), which guarantees these products are suitable for vegetarians

05.10.2017 Madrid

  • There are 5 product items in the new Vegalia range: three sliced food types and two sausage varieties. 
  • The company thus demonstrates its commitment to innovation and to heeding its consumers, to offer them food alternatives to include in their diets.

Campofrío presents its new range of products, Campofrío Vegalia, a result of the attention paid by the company to its consumers, to provide them with new solutions and food alternatives. 
The growing trend of the flexitarian lifestyle, which promotes the alternative consumption of vegetable proteins, has motivated this commitment by Campofrío that aims to provide new options for consumers to follow a varied and balanced diet, without foregoing the confidence guaranteed by a leading company in the food sector. 
Campofrío Vegalia is the result of years of research and effort by the company - a leader in the European meat sector - to develop products that meet the requirements of the different consumer profiles. Campofrío demonstrates once more its commitment to ongoing innovation based on consumer testimonies, adapting to market trends and consumers’ demands, to provide them with the best options for their diet. The launch of these alternative products has commenced in Belgium and France, and now in Spain, with the prospect of further expansion into other European markets.
“We are very proud of this new launch”, states Jesús Rodríguez, Campofrío’s R&D&I Director. “This new range of products is the result of the work of several teams of the company and we are excited because this is a worldwide first in the provision of a new alternative for our consumers."
All Vegalia products are certified by the V-Label endorsement of the European Vegetarian Union (EVU), the association that endorses products suitable for vegetarians. They are prepared with egg white, and contain no gluten or lactose, and are therefore suitable for coeliacs and those with lactose intolerance, enabling their inclusion in any type of diet. 
David Román, President of the Spanish Vegetarian Union (UVE), considers favourable the fact that companies such as Campofrío listen to society and promote value-added alternatives for consumers.
This new range of products consists of a total of 5 new items: 3 varieties of sliced foods with flavours that are unique in the market (Mediterranean herbs, bell peppers with a touch of green pepper, and asparagus) and 2 varieties of sausages (Vienna and Bratwurst). They are ideal for enjoying in many ways: sandwiches, as hot dogs, in salads, etc. 
Sales of Campofrío Vegalia have begun at sales outlets in a staggered launch since the end of September; a new addition to the company’s wide range of products, which grows year by year.