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His Majesty the King visited the New Bureba Factory of Campofrio located in Burgos

- The guided tour of H.M King Felipe VI was a demonstration of how Campofrio has evolved into a new European benchmark by means of leading-edge technology in meat processing.

- Metal objects contributed by hundreds of persons were melted with the remains of the steel structure from the burned factory to create a sculpture designed by Pedro Txillida, full of symbolism, which now proudly sits at the entrance of the new plant.

23.11.2016 Madrid

His Majesty the King Felipe VI  has visited the new factory of Campofrio in Burgos. Two years after the fire that devastated the former factory, the company re-emerges in the same area, achieving its initial commitment and with one of the most “state-of-the-art” factories in Europe in terms of innovation, processes and facilities.
By means of a guided tour of the facilities, H.M King Felipe VI has been able to observe that Campofrio’s commitment with its employees and it’s investment of 225 M € to build a new factory where the previous one was located has succeeded.  
The company has built a factory of 99,000 m2 that will help obtain an approximate production of 100,000 tons per year. For this purpose, the factory counts on the latest most efficient technology available at the present time in the meat industry, making it the best point of reference in Europe.
The new factory, which is currently on a trial period, has been designed, built and launched in record time for a plant of such characteristics.
Alvaro Fernández, President of the Alfa Group, stated that: “to reinvest in this location is to repay, at least partially, the Spanish society their effort and care bestowed in their cooperation with us. Our commitment to Spain reveals the good spirit of the Group to convey a new future and the resurgence of the company and its employees with enthusiasm. Therefore,  I am convinced that a new era, new challenges, new opportunities, but moreover, new achievements will develop”. 
Pedro Ballvé, President Board of Director, Campofrio Food Group,  highlighted that "the new Bureba’s foundation is not just formed by bricks and beams, but by the work, illusion and the desire of improvement of each person that has been part of Campofrio and Burgos”.              
So that the commitment of all parties could endure in time and always be present, the company requested all those individuals that had remained with them during all this time  (workers, suppliers, customers, citizens and even the fire brigade) to provide a metal object that reminded them of the old factory.
All these metal objects were melted with remains of the damaged factory steel structure to create a sculpture that everyone will see in the future  and which has been placed at the entrance of the new plant. It represents a human figure that rises after having fallen, as a symbol of Campofrio’s recovery. The sculpture has been designed by Pedro Txillida but the artist emphasizes that "in some way it has been made by all” .