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Campofrío pays tribute to Understanding and Acceptance in its new Christmas campaign


20.12.2016 Madrid

The brand has launched its Christmas campaign, ‘Children of Understanding’, which highlights the ability of the Spanish community to overcome their own prejudices and ideologies.
For the first time ever, the campaign is made up of real couples and real stories; couples that seem so very different, but who share the same core values. With this in context, Campofrio will launch a theatre production featuring real stories along this line.
It is the pre-civil war era. An inland village. It’s foggy. We see a truck with trade unionists moving slowly along. We see the faces in the distance and the suspicious looks on some of the women’s faces in the village. All except one of them, who is looking at one of the men on the truck. He looks back and flashes a half-smile. Just then she shouts “communist!” And the man replies “fascist!”
That’s how “Children of Understanding” begins, Campofrío's new story, brought to us by the McCann advertising agency this Christmas. With this advertisement, the brand wanted to highlight the ability of the Spanish people to overcome differences of opinions, prejudices, beliefs or ideologies through understanding and love.
The campaign proposes a social reflection, coinciding with the end of 2016. In recent years and, in particular, during the recession, Campofrío has shown the positive side and the ability of the Spanish people to overcome difficulties, with a sense of humour and by appreciating the small, everyday things. This time, after a year of discrepancies and disagreements, elections and misunderstandings, it was time to focus on what brings us together rather than what separates us.
Accordingly, Campofrío decided to present a series of real stories about seemingly  very different couples, but who shared very strong bonds. In doing so, it revealed how different people came together, with very different ideologies and visions of the world: the case of the supporter of the Partido Popular political party married to a Podemos supporter; or a bullfighting enthusiast married to an anti-bullfighting campaigner; or a Catalan nationalist that has formed a happy family with a woman who firmly opposes the independence movement.
As Mónica Moro, General Creative Director at McCann explains: “The stories behind the people in the advert are real; they are not actors, just everyday people and that entails greater responsibility, but it is also provides a certain charm. We believe that this gives the campaign a much sought-after intimate aspect.
Daniel Gómez, Marketing Manager at Campofrío stated that “We always say “Don’t let anything or anyone stop us enjoying life the way we do”. Every Christmas we invite people to join in a collective reflection that also serves as a summary of the year gone by. This time, amid a period of tumultuous events, we wanted to tell people not to let our prejudices or our differences of opinion prevent us from enjoying ourselves and meeting wonderful people, even if they don’t share our views. The first step towards overcoming our differences is by talking about them and the very title of the campaign focuses on this aspect, about finding what we have in common instead of what separates us. We need to be able to overcome and learn to coexist with all our differences.”
Campofrío also wants everyone to share their stories about people who seek conciliation instead of creating rifts. All those wishing to send their stories can do so via www.hijosdelentendimiento.com.Campofrío will select the best ones to form part of the theatre production that will be launched in Madrid in the next few weeks.
Click here to view "Children of Understanding"