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Documentary "La Nueva Bureba, un sueño más alto que el humo"

Launch of the new Campofrio Food Group documentary

15.11.2017 Madrid

  • To celebrate the third anniversary of the fire in the La Bureba factory on 16 November 2014 in Burgos, the Campofrío Food Group wanted to commemorate this day with an emblematic documentary.
  • The film covers the three years that it took to rebuild the factory and the hard work and dedication of all the employees by reflecting their most personal stories. 
  • The new factory now supplies the Spanish and European markets and in 2018 it will extend its export activity to other continents, consolidating its global position.
As a way of thanking all those that have supported and collaborated with the company since the fire in the factory of La Bureba in Burgos on 16 November 2014, Campofrio Food Group has created the documentary “La Nueva Bureba, un sueño más alto que el humo", (The Nueva Bureba, a dream more powerful than the flames), illustrating the work carried out and the list of accomplishments since then. 
During the film premiere, held today in Madrid, Paulo Soares, CEO of Campofrío Food Group Southern Europe Region, commented: “We have witnessed the strength and commitment of every single employee, not just those from the factory, but from the entire company. Without them, this would not have been possible. It has also been an honour to see first-hand that our consumers and customers are with us, even through the toughest times”. 
Sigma Alimentos, the Mexican multinational that owns Campofrío Food Group has fully supported the development of the entire activity and the work carried out in recent years. The conglomerate has been an essential supporter throughout the entire reconstruction, deadline fulfilment and job recovery process

The Nueva Bureba, promises fulfilled
“La Nueva Bureba, un sueño más alto que el humo” also reflects promises fulfilled. These have been three difficult years, during which we have had to work extremely hard in order to respond to customer and consumer demands. However, the hard work has led to very positive results, which became evident with the recovery of the volume and value of sales in 2016. 
The new factory will be 100% operational by the end of this year. It currently produces cooked products, cold meats and sausages and sliced products for the Campofrío, Pavofrío, Pollofrío, Cuidate+, Libre, Revilla and Navidul brands, supplying the Spanish and European market. In 2018, it will extend its export activity to other continents, consolidating its global position.
Workers will receive training in more innovative and advanced market techniques to provide products that meet the highest quality standards. Therefore, the launch of the Nueva Bureba consolidates Campofrío’s commitment to develop product innovation as a fundamental pillar of growth, using the most advanced technology. To maintain customer and consumer loyalty and enhance the motivation and success of the entire workforce. Going forward, these factors will have an essential role in the development of the plant and the projects the company is currently working on. 

Commitment to innovation
The activity in La Nueva Bureba has come a long way, in terms of facilities and machinery, as well as the IT applications for productive processes. To achieve this, state-of-the-art technologies have been incorporated, implementing IT/OT Convergence, real-time monitoring and analytics, greater safety and the creation of a partner ecosystem. 
This is the first implementation of its kind in Spain and the most advanced in Europe in the food sector. Innovation is the key to Campofrio Food Group’s differentiation, adapting to customer and consumer tastes, and applied throughout the business.
The company has incorporated latest digital technologies into La Nueva Bureba, with the aim of developing a Factory 4.0 model, which will contribute towards maintaining excellence in innovation, quality and customer service. 

These are the links for accessing the Brand Film “Nueva Bureba: un sueño más alto que el humo”