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Pavofrío reveals the fears that women have to face

Under the slogan “'Let’s not feed the fears, let’s feed another type of woman”, the new campaign, 'Ghosts', reveals some of the fears with which women identify themselves and encourage to make them banish

05.04.2018 Madrid

  • The four social tensions are presented by four ghosts:  “Motherhood, whether you feel you should be a mother or not”; “The Cat Lady”; “May Guilt be with You”; “Law of Happiness”.
  • The brand intends to expose, with a sense of humour, what happens to them with the intention of promoting a joint reflection.
  • Based on the premise that sharing aloud your fears helps them disappear, Pavofrío will conduct an event on 18 April, in Madrid, in which more than 20 representative females of Spanish society will read aloud excerpts of specifically selected literary works.
  • Four well-known illustrators will draw the Company’s ghosts in several sketches for charity purposes with funds destined to “La Fundación Ana Bella”.
Pavofrío presented on April 5th a new campaign under the title “Ghosts”. Within the framework of the motto 'Let's not feed our fears, feed another type of women', the brand aims to turn attention towards four social tensions with which women are identified in different stages of their lives and which, in many cases, determine their way of living.
Social conditioning sometimes prejudices some lifestyles and even establishes a model to follow that, supposedly, is the one to choose to be happy. Pavofrío reveals how social pressure makes many women doubt or fear because they do not fit into this established scheme. In this way, the brand aims to highlight these prejudices, while trying to expose, with a sense of humour, what happens to them to promote joint reflection.
If in the campaign 'Deliciosa Calma' (the spot most viewed on YouTube in 2016 according to Google Spain) the focus of the conversation was placed on female’s stress and in 'Message to the Future', the importance of maintaining trust and their security was underlined.  This year, the intention is to invite females to fend-off their fears for not fitting into pre-established social models, which often prevents them from living the life they truly desire.

As mentioned by Aurélie Morin, European Category Marketing Manager of Campofrio Food Group: "Women are caught between the terms of social pressure and the fear of not fitting in. Therefore, the underlining message of all our campaigns remains the same: that females should decide their own future by themselves without fears. From the brand’s side, we continue to evaluate this issue to call for a joint reflection on what is occurring in our society nowadays.”
• Four tensions, four ghosts
Pavofrío has chosen four ghosts to expose four tensions that women suffer in different stages of their lives, not only as a consequence of social conditioning, but also because of the pressure they sometimes exert on themselves:
• Motherhood, whether you feel you should be a mother or not
The pressure that society exerts in many occasions on women begins by setting a main objective in their lives: Have children to become a "complete" woman. However, motherhood does not constitute a goal in itself and there are many other ways to feel fulfilled. The woman has to follow the path that she chooses and decide on the destination of her own life.
• “Cat Lady”
Like the ghost of becoming a mother at all costs, society sympathizes with those women who, when they reach a certain age, do not have a partner. It seems that being single implies having some lack or rarity in their personality that prevents them from finding love. Is it so weird to see a single and happy woman? Everybody is happy in their own way, with or without a partner.
• “May Guilt be with you”
As the campaign reflects, many women, especially those who have family, are distressed and feel judged when they give importance to other aspects of their life, such as work and personal fulfillment.
• “Law of Happiness”
Social networks have caused the development of new tensions. Behind images of Facebook, Twitter or Instagram it seems that everything has to pretend and transmit happiness and, if it is not achieved, there is a certain bitterness and frustration. The important thing is to be yourself.

A campaign for charity purpose
Within the Campaign’s framework and based on the premise that sharing aloud your fears helps them disappear, Pavofrío will transfer this message to reality and will conduct an event on 18 April, in Madrid, in which more than 20 representative females of different areas of Spanish society will read aloud excerpts of great literary works to free themselves from ghosts.
Furthermore, with the collaboration of four popular illustrators, the ghosts of the campaign will be sketched into a series of illustrations for charitable purposes: raising funds for “La Fundación Ana Bella”, an organization that helps and empowers women who have suffered gender violence to embark on a dignified and happy life.
The illustrations will be presented during the above-mentioned meeting and will be uploaded on the official website of the campaign, fantasmasdelmasaca.com, where, for each download, Pavofrío agrees to donate € 1 to the NGO, establishing a maximum commitment of 10,000 euros.

Collaboration of Lydia Valentín
On this occasion, Pavofrío has counted with the collaboration of Lydia Valentín, the World Female Weight-Lifting champion, who appears in the final part of the advertisement exclaiming the word "Go Away". The Olympic medalist is a reference for millions of Spanish girls and females and perfectly reflects the strength of all the women who have managed to cast-away their ghosts and overcome their fears. Lydia represents a type of women that the advertisement wants to promote: someone who, as a result of her efforts, dedication and courage, has managed to reach her goals.