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Convenience continues to be a key consumer megatrend and an indispensable attribute in any new product launch within Campofrio Food Group. Our objective is to contribute to making our consumers’ lives easier and more comfortable by designing new store and delivery formats.
The demand for products that offer more practical and convenient solutions has grown significantly as there is less time dedicated to food preparation. More importantly, today’s consumers look for easy-to-use, flavorful and nutritious options.
We continue to respond to this growing need by helping busy consumers simplify their lives while making healthy decisions. Campofrio Food Group develops exciting convenient food solutions in practical presentations, easy to handle in more functional packs and formats. We present innovative ways designed to target the various comfort and functional needs, not only for ready meal solutions but for new eating occasions, which are suitable to consume at home, on the go, while working at a desk or engaging in leisure activities.