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Fiorucci / Main Products


Over 150 years of experience and a corporate philosophy of tradition and innovation have made the Fiorucci brand one of the leaders in the processed meats business in Italy, with more than 80% brand awareness level among consumers and an image of high quality and tradition.

Fiorucci is present in all of the most important deli meat categories: mortadella, dry sausage, frankfurters, cooked and roasted ham, dry ham and other cured meat specialties, offering unique, authentic Italian products.

Fiorucci's passion and respect for the “Made in Italy” tradition has also gone beyond Italian borders with a presence of Fiorucci products in almost 60 countries. Today, like never before, consumers all over the world know and follow the Italian style, especially through the art of gastronomy, for which Fiorucci has become a worldwide reference.