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Campofrío Food Group and Kevin Roberts

Kevin Roberts, the unofficial guru of marketing, visited Campofrío Food Group’s headquarters in Madrid to speak about brands. Roberts is certainly the authority on this subject, having decades of experience under his belt with companies such as Gillette, Procter & Gamble, and Lion Nathan. He inspired all those attending with his thoughts about innovative, risky ideas in a time of recession.


“I have never believed that extraordinary results come from ordinary actions, so I am attracted to extremes.” So says Kevin Roberts, marketing extraordinaire who held his first position, Assistant Brand Manager, at the ambitious age of sixteen for a cosmetics company based in London. Since that time, Roberts has guided and inspired numerous companies with his daring yet successful ideas regarding marketing strategies.
Robert’s success story is truly an inspiration to all those at Campofrío Food Group, a company still in its first decade of existence. With his willingness to take risks and his audacious ideas, Roberts has proven time and time again that sometimes the best marketing strategy is to simply be bold and throw caution to the wind. Hopefully in the years to come, Campofrío Food Group will continue to follow Roberts’ prime example of marketing success.