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Navidul School of Iberian Ham

Showing customers the heritage of Navidul products


One of the most celebrated delicacies of Spain is Iberian Ham. Spain has a longstanding tradition with the product, and its people pride themselves on its reputation and legacy. To ensure that everyone knows just how special Iberian Ham is, Navidul launched its online School of Iberian Ham, which contains everything there is to know about this delicious product and where consumers can truly share the passion this exquisite product.

In the page Navidul goes into great detail in describing the precise process of salting, drying, and preparing the Iberian Ham, as well as demonstrating how to slice it and present it in the finest way.
The School of Iberian Ham has a very active presence online, with over 9,500 fans on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/navidulescueladeljamon) after only 2 years of membership on the website.
The School of Iberian Ham can be found at http://escueladelibericonavidul.com/