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Anuga 2011

Campofrio Food Group attended Anuga 2011


Campofrio Food Group had the pleasure of participating in Anuga 2011, the largest international fair for food and beverages in Europe. The event took place from the 8th of October until the 12th in Cologne, Germany and hosted over 6,500 attendees in an area that covered 284,000 square feet.
At the exposition, participants had the unique opportunity to present a variety of their products in colorful, well-lit displays, while guests had the privilege of viewing and sampling these tasty treats. Exhibits contained samples such as wine, cured meat, pastries and cookies, gourmet cheeses, artisan breads, fruity beverages, jam, and sausages. Anuga 2011 gave Campofrio Food Group and the other participants the opportunity to directly connect with customers by showing off their most delicious products in an event dedicated solely to the consumption of food and drink.
Campofrio Food Group’s goal for Anuga 2011 was to communicate with customers and strengthen the link between the clients and the company. With export catalogs, leaflets, online invitations, and videos demonstrating the heritage and tradition of the company, Campofrio Food Group reached out to consumers to tell its story, all the while providing tasty evidence that the company is a food expert both in theory and in practice. The ham samples proved to be very popular among the event participants, and Campofrio Food Group looks forward to sharing its story and its products at future events!