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Oscar Mayer celebrates the 4th July in Madrid with a parade

For the first time in Spain, the American Independence Day was commemorated with a popular celebration organized without the help of the United States Embassy

04.07.2012 Campofrio, Spain

Oscar Mayer organized a parade in Madrid to celebrate the 4th of July, Independence Day in America, with the intent of bringing to Spain the genuine American spirit that characterizes the brand. This North American holiday was unofficially celebrated for the first time and took to the streets of Madrid with a celebration which surely surprised all pedestrians and left everyone with a lasting impression.
With balloons, banners, colors, and music, the party started at 11 AM. The procession was reminiscent of an authentic American parade, featuring cheerleaders, New York policemen, cowboys, football players, break dancers, people on stilts, Uncle Sam, and other North American icons. A marching band, followed by a jazz group, filled the air with a lively spirit and led the group from Preciados Street in Puerta del Sol until the plaza of Callao. The celebration lasted approximately two hours.
As Oscar Mayer’s march took place in one of the most central areas in Madrid, there were onlookers aplenty, each spirited by the energy of the event. The parade was comprised of over one hundred participants, all of whom were eager to bring some American tradition to the Spanish city.
The culmination of the parade was the group’s arrival in the plaza of Callao, where they were met by both the Oscar Mayer Truck, a vehicle in the shape of a giant hot dog, and Fátima Fernández Pacheco, the young expert in the hot dog parties that will travel all over Spain in the Oscar Mayer Roadtrip, whose slogan is “I want you to party with us.”
The Oscar Mayer Truck first travelled the American streets in July of 1936, becoming one of the most iconic vehicles on the road. In 1969 the Truck crossed American borders for the first time, travelling to foreign countries. This year the Truck visits Spain, where it will travel in search of the best popular celebrations with the most entertainment.