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Aoste Stickado Minis, awarded with the Gold “Product of the year 2013”

The “single-bite size”, best innovation in the Meat & Processed Meat category in 2012

19.12.2012 CFG Deutschland, Germany

Aoste´s new Stickado Minis received the Gold “Product of the year - Award 2013 ”, a recognition of its being considered the best innovation in the Meat & Processed Meat category in 2012. Aoste Stickado Minis were voted by more than 5.000 German consumers in a survey conducted by Lebensmittel Praxis, the leading German trade magazine.
Aoste Salami Sticks are fast becoming a truly delicious snack. Developed by CFG Deutschland, Campofrio Food’s Group interdependent operating company in Germany, these Stickado bite-sized salami were launched in February 2012. The weighted distribution of this new offering has reached 49% (Source: IRI Symphony Sept. 2012, food retail total excl. discount stores), a testimony to its being well received both at the retail and consumer level. These snacks are available in the three varieties of Classique (classic), Pikanto (spicy) and Walnut, each in 75g packs.
Stickado Minis are air-dried in the traditional method, in the foothills of the French Alps which gives the product the typical hearty and spicy taste, delighting consumers’ tastes. They are perfect for enjoying a hearty snack between meals while  the “single-bite size” offers new opportunities for consumption and, thus, appeals to additional target groups.