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Revilla encourages healthy habits with a return to the mid-morning break of the 80s

More than 1,000 people participated in the tribute to the games and the sandwich that marked a generation

Madrid, Spain

More than 1,000 people amongst them parents and children, participated in the “Recreo (mid-morning break) Revilla”, a tribute to the traditional games of the eighties that marked a whole generation. The Zarzuela Hippodrome in Madrid became a schoolyard  where kids  played and learned from the grown ups the best techniques to be an ace in the field veneers or marbles. At the stroke of  12:00, the ringing of a bell gave way to… “Bocata” (Spanish sandwich) time! A time to pump up energy  and revive the classic mid-morning break of the old Spanish elementary school.
According to experts, 25% of the school's nutritional needs should be provided by the breakfast and mid-morning meals and  another 10% should be covered with a mid-afternoon snack,  meals essential to supplement the diet *. To make these meals  fun, at the Recreo,  Revilla children were taught to prepare the most creative Bocatas and sandwiches.
Through two workshops, the Foundation Alimentum encouraged healthy lifestyle based on a balanced diet and regular physical activity." The director of the program, Maria del Hoyo-Solorzano, stressed the need to "instill a varied, balanced and moderate diet to provide the energy and nutrients needed for  optimal growth and development.  In addition,  regular physical activity as opposed to the current trend towards sedentary leisure is encouraged.
The Recreo Revilla also served as an encounter between  former classmates, who who were happy to be photographed with their old characteristic school uniform.

*AESAN, Healty Eating