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16 years of Partnership - Cochonou and Tour de France

100 years of Tour the France


2013 is the 100th anniversary of the Tour de France and to mark this occasion, the most important cycling race in the world has chosen an exceptional course with a breathtaking kick off  from  the beautiful island of Corsica on its day 1, June 29.

Cochonou, one of CFG’s brands of dry sausages in France  is an  official sponsor of this spectacular cycling event – a partnership which goes a long way since 1999.  As a  symbol of French tradition and  know-how,  Cochonou’s  mythical 2CV has become part of the national heritage and is visible in every corner of the course.  A Cochonou caravan reigning on top of the podium of the favorite caravans for the French people is also a sight to behold.
During the Tour de France, Cochonou performs  fun activities  that entertain the fans of the Tour by distributing samples of its delicious dry sausages and giving gifts: almost half a million bags of mini-dry sausages and over a hundred thousand sun hats are given to the public throughout the whole course.
“Cochonou and the Tour de France” can be followed on its blog www.cochonouetvous.fr and its Facebook page www.facebook.com/cochonouetvous, where “La minute du Tour” offers daily videos to make fans experience the genuine inside story of the Tour.