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Oscar Mayer brings to consumers the genuine American World

Enjoying the American experience in over 90 shopping malls throughout Spain


Since the start of the year, Oscar Mayer  has developed diverse and fun filled events throughout Spain with the objective of providing Spanish consumers with an unforgettable American experience highlighted by a tasting of the  Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs.  In more than 90 shopping malls in Spain,  the brand has created entertainment and thematic areas dedicated to provide  consumers with  activities authentically American.  Depending on the  season,  events  were held in different places,  in the interior of Spain during the cooler months and to the coast in the summer  where `people are more likely to converge.
During the events consumers can enjoy American football games thanks to the participation of professional players, along with performances by the Oscar Mayer Marching Band and the Cheerleaders of the European Champion team. In addition a big party that includes interactive games, scavenger hunts and numerous awards where everyone can enjoy the genuine Hot Dogs of America by Oscar Mayer were available to everyone.

This attractive program of events of Oscar Mayer has been very well received by the audience and will continue to be  shared to various audiences in the coming months.