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The Fighting Cholitas put on unique show in Spain

It was the first time the show could be seen outside of Latin America

09.10.2015 Madrid, Spain

Madrid witnessed an authentic Fighting Cholitas match. This was the first time the show could be seen outside of Latin America, where it is considered a mass phenomenon. 
In the ring were Yenny Mamani and Leonor Córdova also known as Martha la Alteña and Ángela la Simpática-. The stars of the Campofrío campaign, “Fight for what is Irresistible”, represent strength and spirit of achievement and the will to fight for what we want and the desire to build a better world. The two fighters turned the José Valenciano Sports Club into an authentic Bolivian Cholitas wrestling scene. 
The 300 people watching the match were able to get a taste of this world with Campofrío´s short documentary movie about the world of the Cholitas. They were then able to enjoy the traditional entry of the cholitas, covered in confetti, with the crowd screaming, the face-off, the traditional dress and, of course, the fight. 
“Fighting in Spain felt very strange at first. The public seemed to be speechless, sitting down, quiet and amazed. People slowly started warming up, cheering and then they started shouting. And then we felt at home. It was a marvellous experience” Martha la Alteña commented after the match. 
The campaign
On the 17th of August, Campofrío’s product Finíssimas launched the campaign called “Fight for what is Irresistible”, the stars of which were ladies wrestling in a traditional setting.  They were the Fighting Cholitas. Apart from the TV commercial, the brand also launched two programmes that told the life of the two main characters and, subsequently, a short documentary movie that invited viewers to discover the world of the Fighting Cholitas and a competition in which users could win an irresistible experience if they bet on one of the Cholitas.
In the words of Javier Portillo, marketing director of Campofrío: “Our inspiration for this campaign was the fighting cholitas because their show and their energy are the perfect example to show the meaning of fighting for what is irresistible and the determination that comes from within”. 
The entire campaign, designed by the agency, McCann, was filmed in La Paz in real settings, showing the life of the fighting cholitas in their homes, in the markets or in the rings in which they fight. 
The fight of the Cholitas
The fight of the Cholitas was the idea of a boxing promoter that incorporated women fighters as a fun element to entertain the public during wrestling match breaks. This is how the phenomenon began, which has now proved to be a show in its own right.
The Fighting Cholitas are true heroines in Bolivia and in other countries of Latin America. Indigenous women wearing bowler hats, puffed skirts, blouses and long shawls, with their long hair tied into two plaits. They are mainly housewives and mothers and all of them fight to reclaim their role in society.