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Most popular YouTubers search for an original way of eating a Hot Dog

ElRubius, Mangel and Alexby11 are the stars of the #JumboChallenge, Oscar Mayer's new campaign

24.09.2015 Madrid, Spain

#JumboChallenge is Oscar Mayer's new campaign starring ElRubius, Mangel and Alexby11, three of the most popular YouTubers in Spain and their legion of followers. They will all try to come up with the most original way of eating an Oscar Mayer Jumbo Hot Dog.
The YouTubers themselves will be the first to reveal the most extravagant ways of eating a Jumbo, by publishing the videos of their experiments on https://www.jumbochallenge.com/, the platform created for this initiative. The first two adventures can already be enjoyed: Flame-Throwing Hot Dog and Dragster Hot Dog. And these will not be the last.
The first of the videos shows Rubius and Mangel teasing Alexby for trying to cook a hot dog with a lighter. Then Alexby makes a drastic decision: He uses a flame-thrower. 
In Hot Dog Dragster Mangel and Alexby find themselves on the Jarama race track. Suddenly Rubius appears driving an Oscar Mayer WienerMobile. El Rubius invites them to cook their hotdogs over the flame of a dragster engine. Then, as one of them revs the engine, the others heat their hotdogs over the engine flame until the sausage is cooked to the desired point. Finally, in order to eat the hotdog, they have to climb into a buggy and try to eat it while the driver speeds around the twisty and bumpy track.
The aim of the #JumboChallenge is to find a fun and outrageous way of eating a Hot Dog, by encouraging the fans of the famous YouTubers to record their exploits. Furthermore, users that publish their adventures with the hashtag #JumboChallenge will automatically participate in a competition that will be judged by the three YouTubers. The three most original and wildest videos will win the Like Dorado award and a dinner with ElRubius, Mangel and Alexby11. Users have until the 18th October to upload their videos.
The names of the winners will be announced on Friday 23rd October and the dinner and the award ceremony will be held on the 29th of that same month.
The initiative was designed by the agency MRM McCann.
El Rubius
Rubén Doblas Gundersen, better known as “El Rubius”, is a Spanish YouTuber. He is the YouTuber with most followers in Spain, the second most popular Spanish-language YouTuber and the 19th most popular on YouTube at a global level. He is famous for his gameplays, video blogs, live blogs, replying to his followers' questions, sketches or viral challenges spread across social media. All in a tongue-in-cheek manner. 
He has over 11 million subscribers and his videos have been viewed by more than 115 million people during the last 30 days.
Alexby11, whose real name is Alejandro Bravo Yañez. He is a huge Star Wars and Real Madrid fan. Although he lives alone now, his mother often helps him record his videos or even takes part in them. He is famous for his laugh and his expressions.
He has almost 4,000,000 subscribers on his channel and he has had over 30 million views in one month.
His channel focuses on a variety of gameplays (in his Mierdijuegos series)
He currently has nearly 4,000,000 subscribers on a channel that has had 11 and a half million views over the last 30 days.