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Sigma acquires WH Group’s stake in Campofrío Food Group

Campofrío Food Group will continue its international expansion strategy from Spain

03.06.2015 Madrid, Spain

Sigma, the food subsidiary of the Mexican conglomerate ALFA, has acquired WH GROUP’S stake in Campofrío Food Group (CFG). Sigma has therefore become the sole shareholder of the Spanish company, presided over by Pedro Ballvé, who is also the chairman of the Board of Directors, with Fernando Valdés as CEO.
In June 2014, Sigma and WH Group launched a joint takeover bid, assuming approximately 81% of the Spanish company’s shares.
Sigma thus strengthens its presence and activities in the Spanish and European markets and CFG'S capacity for growth.
CFG will continue with its international expansion strategy from Spain. Here in Spain, the company plans to construct its main plant in Burgos, replacing the facilities that were lost in the fire last November.  This change in the shareholder structure provides CFG with new possibilities of growth through synergies with Sigma, with a strong presence in Mexico and the United States.