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Fiorucci participates in the renovation of the playgrounds in Rome’s parks

Citizens will be given a chance to suggest ideas through the dedicated site unaricettaperroma.fioruccifood.it

05.07.2017 Madrid

“A Recipe for Rome”, Fiorucci’s new project, has been developed in collaboration with Roma Capitale and is dedicated to the citizens of Roman neighborhoods. During the month of July, the company will participate in the renovation of five different playgrounds in five city parks. The initiative will continue throughout 2018 and it will include projects in all Roman municipalities. Citizens will be able to send their suggestions via unaricettaperroma.fioruccifood.it.
As Alberto Alfieri, Cesare Fiorucci CEO, explains “This is our commitment to the city that has hosted us for over 160 years, with the scope of actually improving citizens’ lives. We have decided to commit ourselves to enhancing our city not only through our products, which have been in Romans’ lives for all these years, but also through other relevant initiatives. Fiorucci has always identified itself with Rome and Roman citizens, and it is to them that we want to give back the trust granted to our brand.”
In the next few days, Fiorucci will begin its its project of 5 Roman parks. The areas have been chosen thanks to the recommendations of Rome Homeowners’ Association and the Presidents of each Municipality. Each intervention will be carried out in public gardens in agreement with the Department of Defense and Environmental Sustainability of Rome.
At the end of every intervention, an opening party will be thrown in the area, which the inhabitants of the neighborhood, the associations, and the representatives of the different Municipalities will be asked to join. Fiorucci will provide music, entertainment, and its famous Mortadella Suprema.
The project will be developed over the course of 2 years with the goal of reaching at least one participation in each Municipality by June 2018 and, afterwards, to start all over. It will be focused in making socially beneficial interventions, which will be chosen according to citizens’ direct requests. This is the reason why Fiorucci is asking Roman citizens, through a multi-channel informative campaign, to write down suggestions on the website unaricettaperroma.fioruccifood.it.
Fiorucci will support the project by giving out 1% of the sales generated in Rome from July to end December 2017.